Frequenty Asked Questions

1) What is Cyber999?

Cyber999 is a service offered by MyCERT (Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team) to handle security issues or incidents faced by computer/internet users within our constituency.

2) What kind of reports/problems/incidents can be reported to Cyber999?

All kinds of security incidents related to the cyber can be reported to Cyber999. Examples of security incidents are:

a) Intrusion
b) Denial of Service
c) Hack Threat
d) Harassment
e) Fraud
f) Spam
g) Malicious Code

3) What is the function of Cyber999?

The functions of Cyber999 are:

a) Analyse, detect and contain incidents faced by computer/internet users from further propagating.
b) Provide recovery and eradication steps to recover from the incidents.
c) Provide preventive measures in order to prevent from future incidents.
d) Provide fixes, patches, upgrades information for to secure users computers.
e) Provide post-incident follow ups with the complainants.
f) Assist in communicating/escalating users reports to third-parties, i.e Law Enforcement Agencies for further investigation, if necessary.

4) What will happen after we reported to Cyber999?

After you reported to us:

a) You will get an auto-response from Cyber999 saying that Cyber999 had successfully received your report.
b) You will receive a respond from Cyber999 staff of current updates/status of your report.

5) How long will it take to get respond from Cyber999?

It will depend on the type of incident of problem you're reporting to us. In average it takes less than 24 hours to get respond from us for critical incidents and less than 3 days for non-critical incidents.

6) How can I find out the status of my report from Cyber999?

You can call us or email us to find out the status of your report. Our contact is:

Telephone: +603 - 8992 6969
Email: mycert [at]

NOTE: If you want follow up on your report, pls state the MyCERT's Reference Number of your report on the subject of your email.

7) Is there any charges for reporting to Cyber999?

No. It is a Free of Charge service and every report is treated with strict confidentiality.

8) What is the mode of reporting to Cyber999?

  • Report via Telephone
    Telephone No: +603 - 8992 6969

  • Report via Handphone
    Handphone No: 019 - 2665850

  • Report via SMS
    Handphone No: 019 - 2813801

  • Report via Fax
    Fax No: +603 - 8945 3442

  • Report via Email
    Email Address: mycert [at]

9) What is the reporting hours to Cyber999?

The reporting hours are:

a) 24x7 for Handphone, SMS, Web and Email Reporting
b) Mon - Fri, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm for Telephone and Fax Reporting

10) What are Critical and Non-critical Incidents?

Critical incidents are:

a) Denial of Service
b) Fraud
c) Intrusion
d) Malicious Code

Non-critical incidents are:

a) Spam
b) Hack Threat
c) Harassment

11) What are the information I must include in my report to Cyber999?

The information you must include in your report is:

a) Brief description of the report/problem/incident.
b) Symptoms of the problem/incident.
c) Date/time you detected the problem/incident.
d) Any actions that you had taken to solve/overcome the problem/incident.
e) Email full header, if any.
f) Log files, if any.
g) Your contact details in order for us to call you back.